Groom’s Family Calls Off Marriage On Wedding Day Says “Bride Spends Too Much Time On WhatsApp”

Whatsapp has become a crucial part of our day to day life. Almost everyone who is using the smartphone these days has Whatsapp and spend lots of time. This is one of the best messaging apps with a staggering user base of 1.5 billion. However, in a bizarre incident, a family called off a wedding saying that bride spends excessive time on WhatsApp.


According to the reports, the groom family refused to marry on the wedding day, scheduled for September 5, saying that the “the girl is not good as she uses WhatsApp.” Also, they had a problem with the bride sending messages on WhatsApp to her in-laws before the marriage.

However, there was also an allegation that the real reason for the marriage being canceled at the last minute was dowry demand by the bridegroom’s side.

Mehandi father of the bride said to police that he had fixed his daughter’s marriage with the son of Qamar Haidar of Fakeerpura. “Our relatives and friends had gathered to welcome the bridegroom’s family and members of the marriage party. When they didn’t turn up, I telephoned the bridegroom’s father only to be told that they were calling off the marriage.”

He added “We were waiting for the groom’s family, when they did not turn up, then we went to their house. They refused to marry my daughter alleging that she is not good as she spends too much time on WhatsApp. Later, when we pleaded they agree for the Nikah but demanded a dowry of Rs 65 lakh.”

According to the Superintendent of police, Amroha “The bridegroom’s side have claimed that they snapped the marriage, which was to take place on September 5, as the bride had a habit of using WhatsApp excessively, and was sending messages to her in-laws even before the wedding.”

The police registered a complaint and a probe is currently underway.

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