Groom And 15 Others Fall In Drain, Bridge Collapsed Due To ‘Baraat’

Weddings are a place of so many various memories. To the guests, the couple, the families or any random person. There will be some incident where there might have gone wrong. Not every delay in lunch, nor the extra sweet while serving, but there will be some situations which have taken a serious turn within minutes. There would become funny wedding stories in the later years, but as of now, this situation was hazardous to lives.

groom falls in drain

A wedding in Sector 52 of Noida, which happened on Saturday Night had people getting treated in the hospital. The wedding venue had a lawn and the stage settings away from the main entrance. The entrance to the lawn area was through a bridge which was constructed over a drain flow.

The traditional wedding procession of the Groom called ‘Baraat’ was getting to the lawn area to attend for further rituals. The baraat had 15 persons apart from the groom dancing to the beats of the band. They were standing on the bridge altogether and were vigorously dancing for about ten minutes when this happened.

groom falls in drain 3

The wooden bridge thus collapsed real hard, and the members standing on it fell right into the drainage. The groom himself was in the drain after the fall. Kids and other people who were crossing the bridge at that point of time also fell into the drain.

A security guard who was present there says, “ Nearly 15 baraatis danced for about 10 minutes on the bridge, while the others walked over it to get to the lawn. The baraatis who stopped at the bridge to dance included the groom“. The owners of the venue were very worried after this incident.

groom falls in drain 4

Brother of the groom had this to say, “The bride’s father and mother were standing at the other end of the bridge to welcome the groom. It was quite embarrassing for us. Many of us lost our mobile phones and jewellery when we fell into the drain. The place had no emergency or alternate exit.

The Olive Garden venue owners said, “ We have been in business for the past 15 years; this is the first time that such an incident took place. We apologised and returned every penny we took from the bride’s side. The wedding ceremony resumed after the accident”.

groom falls in drain 2

Humbled by this approach, even the Bride’s father did not consider filing a complaint. He wrote saying, “ Luckily, no one was grievously injured in the accident, and to compensate for our loss, the organisers paid us Rs3 lakh. We do not wish to file any complaint”.

groom falls in drain 1

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