Girl Sternly Tells KN Home Minister To ‘Stand In Queue’ At A Temple

Where there are commoners, there will be VIPs as well. The treatment the both get is quite different in places common to everyone. For example, take a visit to a temple, where thousands of people come to offer prayers to their gods. Even at this place, there is a separate section for VIPs and for commoners. Not all of us know why the VIPs are VIPs, in most of the cases, but they sure must be really Very Important Persons, after all.

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In the state of Karnataka, there is this ‘770 Amaraganadishara Temple’, which is a dedicated temple to Lord Shiva. On the occasion of Maha Sivarathri, the Karnataka State Home Minister MB Patil visited the place. At around 11 am in the morning, he was there with his convoy and using is VIP status, he was trying to complete the Darshan sooner than others.

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But, it was at this attempt of his, a young college going girl stops him. She says, ” You should be like normal people standing in a line, right?“. The Minister was not alone at the temple but was with all his required officials beside him. But the girl did not bother but did ask what she wanted to ask.

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The minister was at first taken aback, but soon got to his poise and explained why he opted for a special VIP darshan. ” I wanted to stand in queue always but today, I have two programmes in Hubballi and then I am boarding a flight to Bengaluru.

Mr MB Patil continued saying that he himself has waived off the road privileges, that is zero-traffic privileges, and would only use it at certain times and places. Convinced by the explanation and the kind gesture by the Minister, the girl is all smiles.

The young girl even posed for pictures with the Minister. After which the whole convoy left the premises, and the Minister took time and wrote about this girl on his Official Twitter handle.

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He wrote, “ I wouldn’t have met this spirited girl if scores of people were not waiting for me at a function in Vijayapura. Keep growing intellectually dear students”. 

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