GHMC To Collect Extra Food From Hotels, Parties And Functions

Every person who has a nice three meals a day is already one of the wealthiest in the world. If at all we happen to have a meal outside at a restaurant we are now considered truly blessed. Do not compare with fancy lives of the extremely rich who pay millions for caviar and lakhs for a tuna meal. Compare oneself with kids who have to eat dried hay when hungry and drink their own tears when thirsty.

GHMC surplus food 5

The hunger is a worse punishment anyone can ever have. Keeping in mind the luxury we all are experiencing, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has come up with a noble idea of feeding the hungry. No new scheme came up nor did any new budgetary allocation.

The surplus food that accumulates for every meal session at restaurants and hotels which will ultimately get dumped into one and fed to the pigs will now find a new destination. Putting into good use this excess food from hotels, restaurants, parties and functions.

GHMC surplus food

The GHMC collaborated with an NGO in collecting and preserving the excess food. The food is to be collected in big containers and preserved in huge refrigerators. It is then at a timely schedule will be distributed among the hungry and the needy.

The NGO which is active in this collaboration is the Apple Home for Orphan Children located in Manikonda, Hyderabad. This partnership will start installing refrigerators in 10 different places in the city. This selection of 10 places will also ensure fixed serving places to the needy.

GHMC surplus food 2

The open donations from people are also invited and they are very much welcome in volunteering for noble work. The surplus food at nearby functions, parties and even homes can be given at these 10 centres. The refrigerators are of 530 litres in capacity and are many in number in these centres.

GHMC surplus food 1

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the appliance, and keeping it under a shed is being planned for. A free power supply is being given to these appliances. An official Memorandum of Understanding is being prepared and the works will commence once it is signed.

GHMC surplus food 3

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