Four News On Pulwama, Abhinandan And Air Craft: Fact Or Fake

The rising tensions between the Two nations of India and Pakistan have also paved way for many misguiding news and stories. The true facts are very much fabricated in many of the cases by various news channels and websites. Amidst these, there was four such news related to many aspects following the Pulwama incident. These four have been circulated the most and been misguiding the public.

news on pulwama

1. Old Woman Claimed To Be Abhinandan’s Mother

After the capture of our IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman by Pakistan Army, the nation of India was in much high tense regarding his safety there. But, Pakistan had not violated the rules of the Geneva Convention and have returned our man to us.

In a Press meet, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has revealed that they were releasing our Pilot and there was another video linked to it which shows an old woman praising Imran Khan for his gesture. She is claimed to be the mother of Abhinandan Varthaman.

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However, this video was not of recent times but was posted on October month of the year 2018. But it is being circulated as a recent one.

2. Woman Mistaken As Abhinandan’s Wife

A video of a woman talking about the BJP government and the plight of Abhianandan in Pakistan Nation has gone viral too. This video has been shared even more times than the previous one. And people are claiming that she is the wife of our WC Abhinaandan Varthaman.

In the video, she is heard saying, ” I am the wife of an army officer…just imagine the kind of tension, the kind of pain the family of Abhinandan is going through right now”. The reference to Abhinandan’s family as a third person clearly shows that she is not associated with their family, and definitely not his wife.

3. Image of A Collapsed Aircraft by Pakistan

After the retaliatory measures by the Indian Air Force, the Pakistan media has claimed that their nation has also caused damage to the Indian fighter jets. This is being proved by an image of a collapsed Aircraft in Pakistani news channels.

news on pulwama 2

But, the Twitter platform has traced the aircraft and has said that it was not of recent times, and surely has nothing to do with Pakistan. It was a picture of MIG-27 which crashed in the city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan back in the year 2016. An injured pilot picture was also co-circulating with this, but it was of a pilot injured in a Bangalore Air Show.

news on pulwama 3

4. Picture of a Pakistani Jet During the Air Strike

Soon after the news of our IAF fighter jet being shot down by the PAF jet, where both of them collapsed, this news has been circulating a lot. These pictures were of the launch of the missiles, and aerial combat during the Air Strike between India and Pakistan.

news on pulwama 4

A Youtube channel also showed these pictures but they were found to be of the year 2015. The original video and posts on Youtube were later found out and the hoax has been cleared. Any such misinformation before sharing must be cross-checked thoroughly.

If one can not take time to cross check it before spreading, then one must not even share it, in the first place. Be informed, Be Responsible and Be Sensible.

What do you think about these fake news? Do comment below.

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