For The First Time Govt Is Going To Issue Rs 20 Coins

Having the Sole Right to mint the currency in the form of both coins and notes lies in the hands of the Government of India. According to the Coinage Act of the year 1906, the activities regarding the minting vests with the Government only. The whole set up including the denominations and their designs also vests in the hands of the Government. Minted in only four locations and mints of the nation.

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The Government of India is going to come out with a new coin, the Rs 20 coin. This coin is planned to be in th shape of a 12-edged polygon with ‘Grains’ design embossed on the coin. This special ‘Grains’ feature is to symbolically denote the Farm Dominance in the Indian nation.

Apart from the introduction of this new coin, the new series of the already existent coins of One, two, five an ten rupees will have a new shiny look, along with their denominations written in Hindi Script. The minting is going on but the Government has not declared the final date of their ‘Date of Issuance’.

20 coins

The Rs 20 coin is reported to weigh about 8.54 gm with an outside diameter of 27mm. The variation here in this coin is that the outer ring is being made of Nickel Silver and the centre one would be of Nickel Brass. These details were released by the Financial Ministry, as a notification.

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With a face inscribed with the symbol of our ‘Lion Capitol of Ashoka Pillar’ and the words of ‘Satyameva Jayathe’ below it, will be how our Rs 20 coin would be. The peripheries are also filled up with dedicated words. On the right, ‘India’ will be written, and on the left ‘Bharat’ would be present.

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All this on one side of the coin, the other side of the same coin is said to have the Denominational value of ’20’ in the terms of International numerals combined with the Indian Rupee Symbol. In addition to the above details on the coin, the ‘Year of Minting’ will be shown on the centre of the Left periphery of the coin.

There are similar embossing and designing changes reflecting on the other coins. Soon to be issued for circulation only through the Reserve Bank of India, in accordance with the RBI Act.

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