Filing A Police Complaint In Hyderabad By An SOS Call Tower

SOS is not a short form for anything. But if it is converted to dots and dashes according to the Morse Code, it calls out for help. The Standard Distress Call used by the military, navy etc has become so common that it is in our smartphones and even on our City roads now. The emergency call that connects to the police services or the required officials is a need for safety everywhere we go.


We would surely call up to the respected numbers either Ambulance or Fire Tenders or even Police. There is one more way now our city dwellers can use this SOS Tower.

The Banjara Hills area of Hyderabad city now has an SOS Tower in full operation. Using this tower to convey a distress message is even easier. Just press the button there and it would connect the call to the nearby Police Control Room apart from the Local Police Station.


The first of its kind in the city has been set up at the KBR Park in Banjara Hills. The tower also has a dome camera over the top of it. This camera would be covering the one who is making the call and also the surrounding situation. The visuals will be recorded and the police will have a live stream of the happenings in the surroundings, apart from the usual CCTV Cameras.


Telangana Police Officials talking about this new feature say, “ This is a step ahead in connecting people and police in dire situations. Earlier, for reporting any incident to police, people had to rely on Dial 100 or go to a local police station or register a complaint through the Hawk-Eye mobile app. This latest technology will change the way people lodge complaints”. 


The official states that this new feature of the Telangana Police is a high-tech advanced step ahead for ensuring safety to its citizens. The move would bring down crime in the city premises, helping both the police as well as its citizens. In its first three days of installation, the tower received two distress calls.SOS TOWER HYD 1

Talking about the importance of having this first tower in the KBR Park premises Additional Inspector, K Ravi Kumar says, ” Thousands of IT employees heading to Hitec City and common people travelling to various hospitals situated in this locality pass daily via KBR Park. It is important to offer high security to them and this SOS tower will come handy. They need not wait for Interceptor vehicles or Blue Colts teams to address their grievance“.

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