Facebook Moderators Misinterpreting Indian Laws, It May Get Banned

Facebook is one of the Big Four Companies of the world. A social networking platform stands alongside Amazon, Apple and Google in the Big Four. This biggest media platform combined with the second largest population of the World creates the nation with the highest number of users, i.e. 294 million, India. Facebook is facing difficulties with privacy, now in India, it is having problems with the moderation of content.

The moderators at the Facebook, who are responsible for carrying out the important task of removing hazardous content out of the platform on display are facing difficulties. The removal of dangerous content comes with working hand in hand with the Laws of the country that social media exists.

This time in India, certain laws were misinterpreted by these moderators. Facebook is given the required law documents which contain over 1,400 pages often contain inaccuracies and sometimes even outdated information. This flawed law information acts as a guide to about 7,500 Facebook Moderators.

The issue now rose came from a failed understanding of a document which states that “Any post degrading an entire religion violates Indian Law, and it should be Flagged for Removal”. As per an expert in such legalities, Chinmayi Arun, a legal scholar gives us even more insights on the issue with few words.

The Law does prohibit violations, but only such posts in certain conditions, such as when the intention of the user was to ignite violence or bad attention. Any other mild informative content even stating these topics is good to be posted. There lies a difference in both of these portrayals of the same content.

Another important issue which could be fatal to the use of Facebook in this country is the open slogan of ‘Free Kashmir’. One of the documents guided to the moderators briefly instructs them to ‘Look Out For’ the term and slogan ‘Free Kashmir’. Despite the term being Legal in India, it is a common phrase among the violent activists.

Differentiating between a violent type of depiction and a mild, opinionated depiction is not done by them. This missing piece if not resolved soon can lead to the Ban of Facebook in India. Moderators have the most critical job of going through billions of posts in over 100 languages every day.

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