Election Ink Of Mysuru Gets Praises From Election Commision

Elections are a huge part of the Political process of a Democratic Republic Nation. Due to the dependency of the number of votes and the winning of seats, there are many illicit ways to achieve them. In order to prevent a system of Double-voting, Election Commissions of the world have used ‘Election Ink’.

The election ink is a special ink, which is a semi-permanent ink or colouring dye, which is applied on the fore-finger after a person has cast his vote. This method is very effective, in countries where the citizen identification is not fully institutionalised.

It is called as Indelible Ink as it is hard to wash it off after application. It would take time to decolour. The first dark violet hue is later changed to black and decolours to brown before completely clearing out. The place of application is very crucial. Applying the ink on the cuticle of the finger is almost impossible to remove quickly. Letting it dry for half-a-minute and leaving it in the exposure of light for some time, is the most effective way.

Continuous application to many voters can have potential infection risk. This is avoided by use of Alcohol and a biocide in the solution, especially in the Electoral Ink. India uses the Ink manufactured by ‘Mysuru Paints and Varnishes Company’.

In every Election, in the political frame of this country, use of Mysuru Ink has never disappointed. On competition from private companies on the manufacture of ink especially for the use of Elections, is struck down by the Election Commission. Mysuru company is a Karnataka Government undertaking and the quality is ultimate.

Madhya Pradesh State Election Commissioner, R. Parasuram praises the Indigenous-public sector based ink, by saying, “We are absolutely satisfied with the product”. He further spoke like this when asked about its competitors, “Also, the quality of the product is very good. We will stick to it”.

Mysuru Ink on every Indian Voter Finger, after they exercise their Duty of Voting, EC further remarked.

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