District Collector In Tamil Nadu Enrolls Her Daughter At Govt Playschool

Rural Special Day Care Centres established in 1975, by the Then Indian Government to curb the malice of Increasing Child Mortality Rate. These child care centres are named, ‘Anganwadi’, literally translating to ‘Courtyard Shelter’. Government-run child care units provide basic amenities and means of nutrition to children below 5 years of age. The Pre-school facility is often opted by the rural household, District Collector won hearts by enrolling her daughter in an Anganwadi.

Tirunelveli district’s Collector named Shilpa Prabhakar Satish did not opt for a big named modern Pre-school for her daughter. Believing that basic learning comes from the household and that being provided by these Close to Home Government bodies, she acted so.

An Anganwadi centre in the village of Palayamkottai is where the Collector has enrolled her daughter. The government-run facilities are dedicated for the poor and marginal families of the society. Yet, the officer is very glad of the step she has initiated towards equality and quality.

The kind and wise gesture by the officer has warmed many hearts. When asked about what led to this decision of her’s, she says, “I want my daughter to mingle with people from all sections of society and learn how to get along with others. that’s why I chose this instead of a nursery school”.

Further assuring that the quality and the capacity of the staff at the Anganwadis is of high stature, she says, “Every Anganwadi centre in Tirunelveli has a smartphone, using which they measure the height and weight of children to ensure dietary intake. We have further plans to develop these Anganwadis, which play an important role in early childcare and development”.

Cheerfully talking about the developments in her daughter she says, “She loves the place and enjoys meeting other children. She has picked up Tamil as well in her time there now. She is able to understand and talk a little”. Recommending the same measure she says, “All parents, irrespective of class, should consider sending their children to Anganwadis”.

Her daughter with her friends

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