Dinesh Karthik Finally Reveals Why He Didn’t Go For A Single Run

It was the third final T20 Match between New Zealand and India. India needed 16 more runs to win the match, but there were very few balls left. Dhoni had his chance but could not make his mark on the field. Now at these last moments in the match were Dinesh Karthik and Krunal Pandya on the pitch ready to bat the neede 16 winning runs.

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But the whole things did not go well when Karthik decided to take a chance by hitting a six at the moment where we can afford a single. Karthik at this point refused a single from Krunal and it has cost us our final match. After which, Dinesh was blamed for the loss of India in the match.

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On the contrary, when talking about the match after it was all done. Dinesh backed his decision by saying that he has done what he felt like at the moment. He took a desperate decision to get these runs for the nation. And unfortunately, it did not go well as expected.

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Dinesh went on to support his stance, where he says that he and Krunal Pandya by then had managed to put a little pressure on the bowlers. And throughout their batting, both of them have played well. He goes on to tell that he does not regret making that decision.

Decisions might be flawed at those times in the heated moments of the game. And he states that even the teammates, managers and all the ones related to the game, who knew how that feeling would be have stood by him. He says that they respected his decision for Not taking a single from Krunal Pandya.

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