Dinesh Karthik and Ravi Ashwin Confuses English Batsmen With Their Mother Tongue ‘Tamil’

In cricket whether in batting or bowling, communicating with your partner about the situation and pitch is very important. It helps them read the conditions and play accordingly. When it comes to team India, they have one advantage while playing with any opponent i.e. language. Yes, Hindi is the language mostly spoken by Indian cricketers while playing as none of the players could understand the language except Pakistan.

Karthik and Ashwin speaking Tamil on Field

India’s Test series with England of the first Test got the cricket fraternity buzzed as the top teams commenced their 5-match series on Wednesday at Edgbaston.  MS Dhoni has been famed for his stint from behind the wickets where he constantly feeds the bowlers with instructions. This time it was Dinesh Karthik.

When Indian cricketers talk to each other in Hindi, sometimes the opposition can figure out what they are saying due to the terms they have picked up having played in India, the IPL and against India over the years. Amongst the plethora of episodes, India wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik’s relentless oration from behind the stumps has been deemed as one of the happening moments of the day.

R Ashwin vs England

Team India‘s premier off-spinner, Ravichandran Ashwin had a great outing on the first day of the first Test at Edgbaston as he claimed four for 60 to keep India on top. The interesting part was the conversation between Ashwin and wicket-keeper Dinesh Karthik in Tamil as the two players happened to be from the same state Tamil Nadu. Karthik’s flow left England confused and Ashwin certainly appreciated the help.

Karthik did not have the best day as he missed and dropped some behind the wickets. However, Karthik continuously kept on cheering Ashwin which helped the spinner to bring more out of him.

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Ashwin’s unplayable off spin swooshed past a bent Cook’s bat to dislodge the off-stump. Ashwin was brilliant as he bowled good areas making life difficult for English batters.

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