Digital India’s New Initiative- DigiLocker

The dreadful moment we all are afraid is Misplacing our important certificates. This can happen while travelling, shifting or just when we are carrying them on us for a purpose. There is no need to enhance the thought of losing our precious documents permanently. Even though we have means to get ourselves a duplicate one, it is still not as same as an original. Many of us might have encountered such a scenario where we did not have the right documents at the right time. For example: You just cleaned your vehicle, and were in a hurry going out. you forget to replace the copies of your Driver’s Licence,Vehicle’s RC, pollution control certificate etc. Just then you are caught by the Police. You are then fined, vehicle might be confiscated and you are left feeling ashamed.

Government of India has come up with an initiative. To avoid the circumstances of being clumsy and forgetful, use DigiLocker.

Digilocker in india

DigiLocker to our rescue

It is a mobile application,available on both GooglePlay and AppStore. The e-Governance Division of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) came up with this idea. The website also provides us with the same features. We just need to Sign-in, get verified and its ready to use.

How it works
  • Use your mobile number to get an OTP. Then select a Username and a Password. Thus, your DigiLocker account has been created.
  • To link the Aadhaar linked documents to the account, we can provide our Aadhaar number.
Why else do we need this

It is always beneficial to have soft copies of our originals with us. The credibility of a picture is always in question. The more official the work, the less credible a simple picture. Moreover, this convenient and authorized Digital India Service is a step towards obtaining a Paperless Governance.

  • Accessibility and easy sharing of digital documents makes it much more time saving.
  • It significantly reduces the excessive paper usage in the Government Departments.
  • The soft copies of the documents are legal as they are issued directly by the registered issuers.
  • Self-attestation can be done using the e-Sign or Digital Signature facility which is also made available online.
The Keys to the DigiLocker
  1. Issuer- The departments and institutions that issue the original hard copies now issue soft copy versions.
  2. Requester- The official works that require the documents as proofs are the requesters.
  3. Resident- The user who signs up, uploads and uses the services provided.

Get yourself an account for an undisturbed governance.

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