Currency Notes With Atal Ji, Police Getting Attacked: Fact Or Fake

Despite immense measures to check the news before spreading, and to not to believe in everything you see on the social media platforms, these fake news get to our screens and even to the news channels. People are not filtering the news before they spread, they are not checking the authenticity of the ‘Supposed news feed’ they receive.


Among the many fake news which crawls up our screens and our newsfeed and even our WhatsApp groups, these two made a serious impact. These two were shared multiple times in multiple mediums. From a misleading belief to a frightening precautious message, here they are.

2. Rs 200 Notes With Atal Bihari Vajpayee

This one has got mini-media coverage where they claim that the Modi led BJP government is planning to release new Rs 200 notes. This time changing the picture from Gandhi Ji’s to Atal Bihar Vajpayee’s. The picture of the note is also doing rounds on the internet and is having mixed views on it.


A news channel named, ‘Apni Khabre’ has posted this as one of their articles. In which they headlined it in Hindi, which translates to, ” Modi government’s historic decision, currency to have former PM Atalji’s picture”. The article has also with it a picture of the note and a brief explanation.

1. Video Of On Attacks On Police

A video went viral on the internet about offensive moves on Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh State by fear creating groups. It was followed by supposed ‘cautions from the area police’ to avoid certain areas, to not face these bad killing groups.


The ACP of the area Jogula Narsaiah says, ” mock drill was aimed at measures that could be taken in case of a terr*rist attack, including how to rescue and evacuate stuck devotees”. A mock drill was mistaken, misinterpreted as a terr*rist attack.

(Watch the video here)

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