Comedian Trevor Noah Makes Fun of India Pak Situation, Gets Trolled

One of the most next to an impossible, art form is to make someone laugh. The audience is very hard to please sometimes, and if an artist trying to make someone laugh has the wrong audience, then it would be such a drag. The world of stand-up comedy is rising, and many forms of making people laugh are gaining fame. Hollywood famed comedian Trevor Noah is doted to be sensible and really funny. But, this act of him was not.

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The whole world is aware of the fact that there was a rising tension among the two nations, India and Pakistan after the tragic Pulwama incident. There were retaliation measures taken up, our Indian pilot getting arrested there, and the happy return of the IAF Pilot to India is all settling now.

Amidst these series of events, there was a scare of a possibility of a w*r between the two nations, and people even started to estimate the army artillery and numbers of the two nations. Trevor Noah took this as a concept to his latest comic performance and made fun of the w*r like situation.

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In his attempt to make people laugh, he has chosen a wrong topic this time. W*r is not funny, and at the time where people are mourning the lost lives of their loved ones, this is not acceptable. What if we make fun of a School Sho*tout, where kids lost their lives. Will it be fun for you too?

Here is the video where he mocks the situation and says the Indian Army would break into a song and dance number amidst the w*r.

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