Chocolate Could Be Extinct By 2050, What Would Save It

Chocolate is one of the most popular food types and flavours in the world. This comes in different shapes, sizes, coatings, sweeter and bitter. They tend to attract all types of ages and genders equally. This chocolate is made from the Cacao seeds. And the makers have found out that these seed variety might become extinct soon. The whole chocolate production, a billion-dollar business will be at a huge loss.

chocolate extinction

The world supply is dwindling in numbers by every bar made and every seed crushed. The farmers who produce these cacao seeds are struggling to meet the company demands. This is leading to more costlier chocolate due to the demand and supply ratio.

The companies can not let go of their affordable chocolates and opt for costly versions. By going the same way as the Chicken and strawberry, would make this tasty chocolate ‘lose most of its flavour’. Satisfying the demand only would result in a loss of flavour.

chocolate extinction 2

To not lead chocolate in the same situation as ‘tasteless’ as its companions who have faced this, an independent organisation has given the idea of having Genetically Modified Organisms(GMO). This method by the NGO Fresh Look was supported by the farmers but is facing opposition from Environmentalists.

chocolate extinction 1

The statistics worldwide state that the majority of cacao plantations come from West Africa, with Ghana and Ivory Coast as the leading producers. The plant of Cacao is very susceptible to diseases. Which usually causes a whole crop to wipe out for the season. This would seriously alter the supply to the factories and companies.

chocolate extinction 3

To compensate for the loss of livelihood and to attend to the demand by the companies choosing the GMO method is not bad enough. Making the plants, disease resistant, drought resistant etc would benefit us even more than usual. Once the plants are modified according to one’s needs, they would be more tolerant and there would be lesser need of such pesticides.

There is this rampant idea among consumers, ” Everything is as mother nature intended, or it was manufactured in a laboratory. We’reĀ helping people understand that GMOs aren’t a scary ingredient in their food, but rather a farming technique”, says a GMO scientist.

chocolate extinction 4

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