Chinese Flight Attendant Fired For Accepting Mid-Air Marriage Proposal

Who will not accept the proposal? If a boy proposes in mid-air. A Chinese flight attendant proposes to his girlfriend in front of all passengers without any hesitation.

Chinese Flight Attendant Fired For Accepting Mid-Air Marriage Proposal

Love proposals, In these days women will expect cute proposals from boyfriends. For some people proposing to beloved ones is a very special, memorable moment and precious to remember for the lifetime. People express their love for beloved ones in different ways. Like that recently a man proposes to his girlfriend, who is an attendant for China Eastern airlines.

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For this cute and beautiful proposal, She accepted his love. Because of this proposal, she fired by airlines.for which she has neglected about passengers safety. In flights, Air hostess was so busy to giving safety instructions like wear your seat belt, don’t stand while planes take off or landing so and so to the passengers. This is the minimum responsibility they have to maintain as an employee. But, she is busy with accepting the love proposal instead of checking the safety of Passengers. Because of her negligence, she needs to bow in front of their seniors and she was fired.

Head of the China Eastern Airlines reacted to this. The company said that private romantic behaviour caused turmoil among passengers and was extremely irresponsible for the safety of passengers.

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