Chemical Conversion Used To Turn Plastic Waste Into Fuel

According to studies, the plastic that floats on the surface of these vast oceans is of 5 trillion pieces. which is still a very small amount when compared to the total plastic pollution in the oceans. By the year 2050, the oceans will have more plastic items than it has marine life. The rapid increase of plastic waste in the world is turning our three-fourths of ocean water into plastic. Dumps of this plastic waste are yet to be utilised for recycling.

plastic to fuel

As mentioned above, the recycling process of waste, be it any waste is very useful in the long run. This process in on the go for many years, but could only solve the limited waste. So, the researchers are always on the run in finding new ways to utilise this waste.

Many Wings of science have been brainstorming over this and one such possible usage of this piling plastic waste is to turn it into fuel. Direct combustion of plastic would cause more pollution. So, a group of chemists from ‘Purdue University’ have found a new way to convert Plastic Waste into Fuel.

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The group has used their knowledge in the field of Chemistry and they have come up with a New Chemical Conversion Process which would convert plastic to fuel similar to petrol/ gasoline and diesel. The most common plastic they have tried to convert is ‘Polypropylene’, found in toys, medical devices and food packaging.

plastic to fuel 2The process of conversion starts with the use of a special type of water called the ‘supercritical water’. This is a water type which exhibits the characteristics of liquid and gas. Especially when subjected to pressure and temperatures. The extreme pressure and the high temperatures are able to turn the plastic type into thick oil.

plastic to fuel 5

This Polypropylene is only a one-fourth of the world’s 5 billion plastic waste. But this new chemical conversion process can turn 90% of this one-fourth waste. Says the lead researcher Linda Wang.

(Watch the video here)

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