Bride Cancels Wedding The Moment She Knew Groom Was Going Bald

Modern-day men have got a lot to worry about. The first and the foremost problem that is arising is premature baldness. Losing hair as early as in their 20s is such a big matter of concern to them. It was a genetic issue, but nowadays it is more than a lifestyle issue than a genetic one. Stress, booze habits, pollution and nutrition are the four main reasons for this growing issue.


A woman from the city of Delhi was all in her wedding attire, fully dressed in red and gold combination lehenga. The bride was getting married to a doctor, and it was a wonderful arranged marriage. That means she did not know the groom personally.

The groom flew about a 1000 km to get to the bride and get married in Delhi, at the national capital city. Named as Dr Kumar, his family was a close acquaintance to the girl’s family. The girl’s father was in contact with the groom’s family, been with them for a while, knew about them and then planned for this marriage alliance.


The couple were on the stage, the whole wedding scenario was as typical as it could be. The guests were enjoying, the relatives feasting, families all smiles and the two were about to exchange garlands. They did that too in a proper ritual format and then came the wedding vows.

Brace yourself, it was then the Groom took out his turban or the marriage ceremonial headpiece. The bride was shocked. As the groom’s hair was not anything like what she saw in his pictures. Her fiance was balding already. She literally refused to get married to him right there on that stage.


The family members of the two and the guests were all mouths and anxious. People tried to persuade her into saying yes to the alliance. But she was adamant. And so was the groom, who was determined to get married, after travelling 1000 km for his marriage.

Planning this marriage for over a year now, Dr Kumar the groom was too determined to return as a married man. He then got married to a complete stranger, who is a daughter of a poor vegetable seller just two days after his wedding got cancelled. The new pair got married at Ramjanki Temple.


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