Birth Control Medicine For Mosquitoes Could Be Ready In Five Years

According to the survey and reports of the World Health Organisation, in the year 2017, Half of the World was at risk of Malaria. The mosquito-borne disease is a parasitic disease which is life-threatening in nature. The predominant parasite Plasmodium Vivax feeds on its host/human and weakens the host drastically. India, however, is seeing a 24% comparative dip in the cases of deaths due to Malaria. But the scientists are always trying to curb the major problem.

According to Scientists from the United States, as per their reports had taken a major step towards controlling the growth of the deadly mosquitoes. They have been moving forward in succeeding to make a ‘Mosquito Birth Control Drug’, in restricting the spread of malaria and other killer diseases.

The responsible mosquitoes which are the vectors for the parasite claim lives of hundreds of thousands of lives each year. Vaccination, immunisation and clean surroundings are a part of nations measures to cope with the deaths, but going a step ahead in preventing rather than cure is much better.

Arizona University researchers have discovered a special protein which is only present in the female mosquitoes, which plays an important role in giving birth and the young ones to hatch. The scientists have now blocked this protein in the mosquito.

The female mosquito is now seen to lay defective eggs with defective shells, which is leading to the death of the embryos, even before they grow. Now that the blockage of the protein is proven successful, the team is said to be developing a drug to target that specific protein to reduce mosquito populations.

“It’s an important discovery. We’re certainly are excited about it…This gets around mosquito resistance and also has a much better chance of being bio-safe(than other methods)”, says the head of the University’s Department related to the research.

“Once we knock down this protein she (the mosquito) no longer makes viable eggs even after multiple blood feedings so…birth control is a great way to describe it”. With no intention of eradicating the species, he says, “Mosquitoes are part of the ecosystem. I’m not out to get rid of mosquitoes”.

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