Bihar Cop Loses Bride And Job After Coming Drunk To His Own Wedding

The State of Bihar had in the year of 2016, declared that ‘Consumption, Sale and Storage of Liquor’ a Punishable Offence. Since the day of April 5th,2016, this law is in force and duly implemented. A Constable from the same state, however, was very unfortunate. He had consumed too much of alcohol, came drunk to his own wedding, created a ruckus. So the Bride called off the wedding due to his state of consciousness.

A village of Kahalgaon subdivision in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district had witnessed this incident. The constable who was at loss here was posted at Nalanda, he is named, Uday Rajak. The way he arrived at is own wedding did not make his bride feel good about this decision.

The ones present at the wedding, the eyewitnesses have said that the girl on seeing him in such an inebriated state could not go on with the ritual. Upon knowing how drunk he was at the previous ‘Baraat Party’ and how he had quarrelled with some men she called off the wedding with him.

The decision the girl took was so bold, all of her family members and the members of the Groom’s side did try to persuade her to accept him and change her decision. But, despite all that persuasion, she stood strong on by her own decision. She openly said that she is not intending to spend her life with a man who is so habituated to consuming liquor.

The family tried to persuade her even when they were the ones who got hurt in the brawl that has erupted at the ‘Baraat Party’ the previous night. About 50 members were present at the party when there was a fight that took place regarding the songs that were played by the DJ.

Following her denial of acceptance, the father of the bride then lodged an FIR at the Kahalgaon police station. The police then took a ‘breath analyser test’ of the groom and then he was arrested under quite a few sections of the IPC.

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