Beijing University Is Teaching Tamil Just Because Students Love The Language

Tamil language it is one of the old languages in the world. This language is very difficult to pronounce and  Learn. In India Tamil Nadu people are fighting to get this as a national Language. Not only in India Tamil language has followed throughout out the world.Fu Pei Lin, who was fell in love with the Tamil language at first sight and he decided to learn this language. He is one of the student in Beijing Foreign Studies University with other 9 members. In that, 9 are boys with him and one girl. These people are learning the Tamil language to get a four years degree certificate in it.tamilEeswari Alias Zhou Xin told in an interview conducted by times of India, by watching these students learning Tamil language reminded me of my learning days which was 15 years ago.

On the career prospects of the students, he said, “I think the Indian economy is booming despite the worldwide downturn. Knowing any Indian language will help their career,” Eeswari said and added that they could also use the language skills in trade, media and teaching the language. She also hoped that they would be instrumental in taking up academic research as Tamil study was nil in China. “Hope they join me and do some research,” she said.

This university teaching Tamil syllabus for 12 hours a week in first two years, 10 hours a week in the third year and 6 to 4 hours a week in the final year. Before this foreign language university, some institutions started teaching the Tamil language to their students. But they did not continued teaching and dropped out. During the course, the students will be imparted basic skills such as reading, writing and interpreting. Beijing University website placed an advertisement on their site about the Tamil language then these people came to know about Tamil and decided to learn this language at any cost. This is the third subject To join Indian subjects of their degree university syllabus. Before this Tamil language, they teach Hindi and Bengali languages. This is the proud moment for Indians.

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