Artificial Intelligence Developers Must Be Made More Responsible

Artificial Intelligence is one such scientific intelligence exhibited by Computer machines. Such machines if have an intelligence of their own, then it is the very much spoken artificial Intelligence. Unlike our Natural one, it is coded and imbibed into the system. Any mimicking of Human and animal ‘Cognitive’ abilities by the computer machines is termed so. Everywhere we look we are being introduced to various AI Forms, virtual, fictional and even real ones.

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The most spoken about the aspect of this AI is that it would soon enslave our human world, outdo us and also can enslave us. This image of AI comes from all these fictional depictions, which are far away from reality. In a recent conference on these aspects, the way the usual AI is perceived is changed.

The conference and exhibition recently conducted by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) have addressed the usual artificial intelligence as “Augmented Intelligence“. Not once have they spoken about this artificial-ness of computer science.

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Aug. Intelligence is only considered a Tool with a heightened ability to assist better than existing tools. Using this in the process of Machine Learning is what the focus was on. CII has decided to put this into use by inculcating other developmental activities around it like, skill development, education and agriculture.

The outcomes of this technology are put into more focus than it enslaving us. Big names in the field like Microsoft and IBM are focussing on using this to solve many problems in our lives. Like agriculture, health, education and waste management.

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As an example, Microsoft has helped farmers in Andhra Pradesh state to increase their yields. In 2016, this pilot project included few farmers who were told by the AI to sow their groundnut crop after the third week of June instead of the first week. This shift from Traditional sowing was done and it has reported an increase in crop productivity by 30 per cent.

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Not only this but the Pilot Farmers were also given other advisories like the amount of fertiliser to be used, sufficient suitable manure to be used and even the medical measures for the treatment of seeds. This bigger cause of developing the lives of people is much more important than fiction about ‘enslaving’.

Ethics must not be compromised and the makers must be responsible for developing the AI, and not misguiding people. 

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