Ants Are More Evolved Than Humans, Had Territories Million Years Ago

An Ant On The Move Does More Than A Dozing Ox” a quote by Lao Tzu. Tiny are they that we humans do not much think about them unless and until it is an infestation. But, these tiny insects which exist in many billions on this Earth are much evolved than Man has ever been. They still do live in highly organised colonies which humans fail to achieve in their streets. Ants had colonies and territorial wars 99 million years ago.

Ants and humans

Ants are estimated to have been inhabited almost the whole of the Earth. Only leaving out Antarctica and few uninhabitable islands in the deep oceans. This ability to survive in any environment does not only get attributes to their physical morphological structure but their behavioural traits as well.

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The tiny most common insect creatures have an innate ability to modify their surrounding habitats, tap its resources, and also defend themselves from other evolving organisms. Evolving to adjust to the surroundings is one thing, and able to adjust the surroundings to us is another level of intelligence.

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There is another quote which equals ants to humans. It goes, ” The greatest enemies of Ants are other ants, just as the greatest enemies of men are other men. There is scientific and archaeological proof for the concept of territorial fights among ants like us humans.

According to the Journal on Current Biology by the publication made by the Department of Biological Sciences at Rutgers University Newark, we have witnessed ant wars. In a finding of amber stuck insects and animals, there were ants stuck in amber in Burmese, and they seem to be engaged in some fight.

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A book by the Author Mark Moffett named ‘Adventures Among Ants‘, he writes about a battle between colonies of Argentinian ants on the land of California. In this book, it is read that the front borderline like the military, millions of ants fight and die every month. This is like a constant struggle to keep the boundaries intact, a never-ending struggle.

Sounding very familiar to our human world territorial wars, if they are given a chance to increase in their sizes, even to a size of a normal house cat, they would have ruled the Solar system, let alone Earth.

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