Angry Bride Slaps The Guest For Forcing Her To Touch The Feet

No matter how much we progress in terms of the science of technology and the facilities it has to offer, the morale and basic rights of women are still at stake. The way they are treated during various occasions implicates the same.

A shocking incident that took place in China is taking the Internet by storm. This started when a guest tried to force the bride to bow in front of her in-laws in obedience that she slapped him hard in public. The bride, dressed in the traditional all-red, was paying her respects to the parents of the groom when a drunk friend of her husband came and forced her into her knees.

Not just with words, this drunk man started holding her by neck then pushing her head down forcing her to kow-tow to her mother and father-in-law. Watch the video here:

Kow-tow is a Chinese practice that was followed during the imperial times in which servants and slaves were supposed to bow down on their knees before the royal family to pay respect to them. The practice is still followed in Chinese weddings were the newlywed couple bows down in front of their parents to seek their blessings.

Through the video, we can notice that the couple was ready to kneel in front of their parents when the man suddenly emerged and forced the bride on to the ground. To defend her dignity, the bride stood up and slapped the man hard who then retreated into the crowd of wedding guests.

Well, as this went for irritatingly long time, the angry bride lashed out at the drunk man and pushed him towards the crowd of guests. The footage of the whole incident went viral on the social media and the internet is praising the bride for her reaction.

Isn’t this quite amazing? More power to you lady!

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