Anand Mahindra’s latest tweet proves that Indians are the BEST at Jugaad, Twitter Agrees

Social media is playing a huge role in everyone’s life and it has become an integral part. It is a surface that showcases the viral happenings around us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Mahindra Group Chairman and Managing Director, Anand Mahindra is rather unexpected Twitter badass whom everyone must follow.

He loves to post jugaad videos and also gives befitting replies when needed to the delight of his followers. The videos are about dance performances, interesting innovations, motivational and congratulatory messages. His timeline is akin of a treasure trove. Recently, Anand has shared another interesting clip on his Twitter handle.


There are many people who cannot afford to live their lives lavishly. But they know how to meet their needs and get happiness at minimum expenses. It’s because they know the technique of Jugaad for which that person doesn’t need to study but it is his own talent and presence of mind.

The video shared by Anand Mahindra features a man who is taking a shower and the interesting point is that it’s not a regular shower hose but it’s a plastic bottle with multiple holes which performs the same job as that of a shower when a water pipe is inserted in it.

Watch The Video Below:

Like many other videos posted by Anand Mahindra, it also went viral and Twitter shared many other instances in which Indians showed great examples of Jugaad:

Have you ever created such things?

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