Amul Sends Legal Notice To Google India, Here’s Why!

The Indian dairy company Amul has dragged Google India to the court for serious charges of allowing fake websites and wrong intentional businesses do issue under their online advertising platform Google Ads. Rajan Anandan who is the managing director of Google India shall bear some problems given the probe being initiated. The CEO of Google who himself belongs to Tamil Nadu, India, too shall be disturbed by the news; but Amul India has stood firm on their side. The dairy company appeals that fake people behind the fake websites who intend to use the name of Amul and dupe people are increasing their reach through Google Ads.

“Since March 2018, our client has received numerous complaints from members of the public regarding the said fake and fraudulent websites/domain names, as the said fake and fraudulent websites induce people to deposit money into their bank account,” read the legal notice. Amul claimed that similar campaigns that misuse the brand’s name appear on the search engine when typed keywords like ‘Amul Parlor,’ ‘Amul Distributor,’ and ‘Amul Franchise,’ which misguide the readers.

Amul also said that after opening such links, users are asked to pay an amount of Rs 25,000 – Rs 5 lakhs after which only, they can get a confirmation call. “These individuals/organizations are having malicious intent of exploiting individuals across India with fake promises of business opportunity with Amul. Many Indians across the geography of India and age group have been robbed of their hard earned money,” the company claimed.

“Failure to comply with the aforementioned condition within seven days from the receipt of this notice shall constraint our client to escalate this issue using all available means,” Amul voiced. The company also sent a legal notice to the web hosting company GoDaddy for allegedly letting frauds misuse their platform.


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