Ali Zafar Gets Slammed On Twitter After His Post On Pak PM

The Pulwama Incident has raised many objections from all over the world. The sad incident that has taken place a few days ago was even worse than the Uri tragedy of 2016. It was since then Bollywood has restricted all the Pakistani artists to perform in India. They have been ordered to sent back to their nation and find themselves audiences. This was a subtle approach to the horrific move made by the Pakistan nation.

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Along with many Bollywood celebrities extending their helping hands in favour of the families of the martyrs, there are still thousands who are standing with India and against the shameful act of fear-instigation. Any person who is seen or heard backing the action of the Pakistan nation is being trolled, slammed and restricted.

Already after the Uri tragedy in 2016, Pakistani artists have been restricted in performing and working in India or Indian industries. After this recent gruesome tragedy, we as Indians have stopped having our visits and meets with the Pakistan nation.

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Regarding the denial in the shameful act that their countrymen have done, Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan spoke to the Pakistan media. It was this video which was shared by the Pakistani singer-actor-performer Ali Zafar on his twitter page.

Ali Zafar supports Imran Khan and his speech, and in turn, asks us Indians to view it with a peaceful mind and intention. This felt like a sarcastic taunt to the Indians, and thus, there were several tweets which have been flowing against the artist.

Twitter Reactions:

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Well, that is what many Indians think and opine. What do you have to say about it? The comment box is all yours.

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