After Increase In Mob Killings, Whatsapp Finally Takes A Big Step To Stop Fake Rumors

Whatsapp is one of the most commonly used messaging application in the world .According to a survey, more than 20 crore people are on Whatsapp, which literally means that 1 person out of every person is using Whatsapp application. There is an increasing proof that what we share information online ends up causing a huge upset to people in real life, especially in Whatsapp. The social media application came under scrutinity recently when 5 people were lynched to death over Whatsapp-based rumours. So far, at least 24 people have been lynched or attacked recently in Maharashtra, Karnataka , Tamil Nadu, Tripura & Assam.


WhatsApp is launching a new way to restrict as many as forwarding messages which will now apply to all users, the app said. Mob lynchings was triggered by false or fake messages in India and WhatsApp authorities called for steps to prevent the spread of texts which are sensitive. In India, WhatsApp has now officially limited chatting simultaneously for five either it is individual or group chats . Whatsapp has now restricted the quick forward button next to media messages. WhatsApp has also announced that they added a new feature which will allow the admins of WhatsApp groups to control who can post. After increase in whatsapp fake messages , The Indian Ministry of Information Technology asked Whatsapp to take strict actions to stop forwarding fake messages which are ultimately leading to mob lynching

WhatsApp last week published advertisements in Indian newspapers to counter the spread of fake messages and asked its users not to forward any insensitive information. In an attempt to bring all these things to an end. Whatsapp has announced that it will offer a whopping $50,000 ,( 34,42,250.00 Indian Rupees) to those who can extend their support to the whatsapp to counter fake news that are widely spread in the wake of mob lynching .

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