A Biopic On Rahul Gandhi Is Ready To Get Released

After the biopics of Manmohan Singh, NTR Rao, Bal Thackrey, there is another biopic and it is on Rahul Gandhi. Leaving the questions about his accomplishments as a politician, the teaser which ironically lasted 4 mins itself is quite bizarre.

The video portrays the way Rahul Gandhi is brought up with all comforts. He is then shown straightening the leg of a filthy doll somewhere. And then there is a sequence which shows Indira getting shot and Rahul weeping over the incident. Still grieving, he asks his father, Rajiv, whether he would be killed too.

Next to this scene comes Dr Manmohan Singh who appears to inform Rahul, “Ab tumhara samay aa chuka hai. Ab tumhe chamakna hai.” (“Now your time has come. It is your moment to shine.”) The actor who is playing the role of Dr Manmohan is doing an impression that is somehow even worse than Anupam Kher’s.

Anyhow, Rahul plunges into politics but not before whining to Sonia that he is not ready. In a press conference, when asked if he is unsuccessful, Rahul says. “Yes.” When asked if he will fail again, he says, “Yes.” The filmmakers seem to be trying to present Rahul as a man with candor and honesty. Unfortunately, everything about the video feels like a parody and whatever that is fun.

Watch the teaser here:

However, when asked about the film. Rupesh Paul, the director, earlier said, “The movie has no intentions to glorify Rahul or to demystify him. It’s the story of a coming back of a human being who had been ridiculously attacked. Anyone who has fearlessly confronted defeat and failure can relate to this story. In that sense, I don’t want to call this a biopic, it’s a story of any man who becomes unstoppable after he wins over a catastrophic life.”

Well, let us wait and see what this movie is up to.

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