900 Internet Satellites To Launch The New ‘OneWeb’ For The World

We are all aware of the fact that we get the internet through various satellites launched by various nations. The signals and cell reception that we need to get our networks working is also facilitated with these ‘Communication satellites’. A US-based company named ‘OneWeb’ plans to create a single source of internet to the world, instead of so many satellites. One Planet Earth, One Mega Constellation of Satellites and one web network, OneWeb. 

oneweb satellites

The motto behind the company is just that. To get everyone on the planet on one Internet source. The OneWeb company along with the help of European Aerospace firm ‘Airbus’ hopes to achieve just that. This company is not the first one to have tried doing this feat.

But, OneWeb is the only company which could get this far on this idea. Starting seven years ago, they have planned and starting to launch a fleet of 900 satellites into the Earth’s Low-orbit. The usual level at which all the Communication Satellites so far are at the Higher or the Geo-stationary orbit.

oneweb satellites 2

There was no one at the lower orbit of the Earth, and this is just the reason the company says would work charmingly. In their description of their idea, they say that it would work good and provide for a ” better web performance”. 

Our daily lives are dependent on the Internet and we expect it to be very “ubiquitous”. Not to crash, not to be slow, not to be offline at all. For the general public, this is just an outage which they would not tolerate very soon. But, what if there are rescue workers looking for survivors and there is no internet.

oneweb satellites 3

Despite this immense spread of internet connectivity and reach, there are still blots on the planet where people do stay but they sleep with a hope of this Internet. OneWeb assures the world of better global connections in “Sudden infrastructural crisis like hurricanes, earthquakes and refugee situations”.

The OneWeb company assures the world of many such extravagant promises of uninterrupted service, even to the very remote areas of the world, despite the landscape and even waterscape. But it is facing many criticisms from the various national regulators and their rules.

oneweb satellites 4

The whole thing is still being worked out and hope they find a solution to it and put to use a zealous company well.

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