7-yr-old Ryan, A YouTube Star Is 2018’s Highest Paid: Forbes

Kids love toys, who does not. Every kid has their own choice of toys. What if a kid is made to play with toys all the time, with new toys every now and then? The kid will surely be elated with joy. Ryan’s parents took this to their advantage.

Ryan is a seven-year-old American kid who, just like his peers loves toys. His parents videotaped him while he was reviewing everything from toys, cars, Legos through simple home-made videos that are then uploaded on his YouTube channel.

The channel was created in the year 2015, by three years, Ryan’s channel has garnered about 25,96,47,33,117 views in total and 17 Million subscribers. According to the US Magazine, Forbes, Ryan is the highest paid Top Youtuber of the year 2018.

Ryan has surpassed Adult Gamers and Reviewers like Jake Paul, Pewdiepie, Daniel Middleton etc. The kid has earnings of  $22 Million cumulative of all his videos so far. Forbes said,” For Ryan, this means not only an endless stream of toys to play with but also a seemingly endless stream of money”.

In a recent interview with the NBC, Ryan explains his reason for this popularity. In his kiddish words, he says, “I am entertaining and I am funny”. That truly is the main reason, while many of us can not even get people to laugh for a self-made pun.

Not only a top spot, but Ryan also has personalised merchandise, brand partnerships, a clothing line and millions of fans. Ryan’s Channel is part of the YouTube Unboxing Category. Where the creators, film themselves unboxing various items and giving their reviews. Usually informative, comparative reviews have much authenticity, unlike in the case of this seven-year-old.

All his reviews are in the form of, “screaming and giggling with enthusiastic delight as he does so’, says Forbes. They also mentioned the share of his millions of dollars,” Nearly all of Ryan’s money, or about $21 million, comes from pre-roll advertising on his channels ‘Ryan ToysReview’ and ‘Ryan’s Family Review’. The remaining $1 million comes from sponsored posts”.

Talking about how YouTube channel works Forbes continued by saying, “When views go up, so do these automated ad dollars. With more views than anyone else on the list, it’s no surprise he claims the top spot”.

“So what happens if Ryan, tomorrow, decides he no longer wants to broadcast his toy adventures for the world? Well, his managers and agents may not be too happy. But as for Ryan, ‘he’s got enough money for 100 lifetimes”, says Chas Lacaillade, CEO of a company which represents many ‘Unboxers’, who also has Ryan in their list.

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