6 Missed Calls, One SIM Swap And A Fraud Of Rs 1.89 Crore: Mumbai

With more people relying completely on the Smart Phones in saving passwords and crucial details, the scammers are finding it easy to loot us. One single smartphone hack or swap has become a ‘One Stop Shop’ facility to the fraudsters. The recent happening that took place in the city of Mumbai has costed a Businessman, Rs 1.89 Crore. The new trend of the ‘SIM Swap’ has taken its form and is well into implementation by the looters.


Talking anonymously about his plight, a textile businessman from Mumbai gave us the details of the incident. He has reported saying that he had received 6 missed calls from numbers originated from the United Kingdom between the dates of December 27-28. At times between 11.44 pm and 1.58 am.

Soon after this incident happened, the man’s phone stopped working. It was just a day later everything came to a standstill. The man who was equipped with all his details constrained to his phone called up to the respective service provider regarding the issue.

They gave him some shocking news. In his words, “I was informed that I had put in a request to block my SIM around 11.15 pm on December 27. I disputed that as I had not put in any request to block the SIM card. After this, the service provider issued a new SIM card which was activated on the evening of December 29”.

Before the man retrieved his contact again he noticed that the phone showed no new notifications. About 28 bank transactions were done in this meantime. The transfers were to about 15 different accounts. The man came to know about all this when he sent his men to a bank for fund transfer, where they said that the account was overdrawn.

It was then the man connected all the dots and reported to the Cyber Crime Branch of Mumbai Police. The bank, credit card and other sensitive details are taken hold of. The approvals through the official OTP and thus fraud took place.

An immediate reactivation and reporting to the police of fraudulent transactions will help the victims to not lose more with time and possibly recover what is lost.

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