36-Year-Old Woman Dyes Hair Grey To Enter Sabarimala Temple

The Sabarimala temple has had sparked the headlines for its rule of not allowing women of ‘Menstruating age’ entry in the place. A popular theory that follows the concern -suggests that “Visits of women of menstruating age could act as potential distractions on the deity’s path of purity.” Though the supreme court has now issued an order to let women of all age -enter the temple, there still exists mentality that looks down upon the decision. A huge crowd have had been protesting against the entry of women in the temple even after High Court allowed them to.

Recently, a 36 years old woman had to dye her hair grey so as to look older to enter the temple. A Facebook group with the name ‘Renaissance Kerala Towards Sabarimala’ claimed the statement true after posting photos and videos to back the reports.  “I entered Sabarimala on 8th January. I travelled from Thrissur by bus and faced no resistance as a young woman devotee, even from other devotees. I was in the temple for around two hours, for various rituals,” 36 years old Manju said.

The lady claims that she was stopped by police officials the last time she had tried to visit the place. The movement was started when two women -Bindu and Kannaka Durga had entered the temple first. While both are living in hiding, Bindu had earlier said to NDTV, “I believe it is our constitutional right to enter Sabarimala and we exercised our right as women. My family does not support my entry into Sabarimala but I am a devotee. I am glad that we both have been able to make it easier for many other young women who would want to enter Sabarimala. It is about devotion, and also about women’s right to pray”


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