2000 Migrant Families Unfairly Evicted In Bangalore Region

The slums in Kundanahalli which is located in Bengaluru’s Mahadevpura constituency is being under eviction. The slum-dwellers are forced to leave their temporary houses by Monday. The sudden eviction, without any prior notice, was made by the local MLA Arvind Limbavali on suspicion of ‘illegal migration’. He claims that the slum-dwellers are of Bangladeshi origin and have illegally migrated to India.

Original picture with slum-residents claiming that they are Indians and not Bangladeshis.

The residents of the slums are warned and threatened to get thrown away by the officials if they would not vacate by Monday. By a means of force, the local electricity has been cut down. The water pumps for bore wells are now dysfunctional, with no drinking water and inactive temporary toilets.

Residents of the slums are being accused of Illegal Migration, and they are ready to get into the scuffle of showing proofs. The residents are majorly from West Bengal and claim to have official documents to prove their identity. Most of the people staying there are small labourers working as domestic help, construction labourers, drivers and ragpickers, often doing odd jobs at the IT hub vicinity.

A slum resident who has been living there since 1.5 years had this to say about this sudden move, “If they are going to demolish my home, I will not go to work on Monday. Like me, there are at least 40 school bus drivers in the slums. They (the complainants) can’t cast us aside and expect us to turn up for work”.

M. Hasaan, the man who runs a temporary school for the slum children there says, “Two weeks ago, health and education officials visited the place. We hoped for temporary camps to teach children in Kannada here or for health checkups as dengue and malaria are rampant here. Instead of providing services for those who work here, the government authorities are uprooting them and their lives”.

The private landowner, Manjunath Gowda who owns the 2.5-acre land has given it to the poor for residential purposes. He was detained by the police followed by a warning to the people there. “The police said if I don’t clear my plot, they would arrest me. I pleaded with them for time. I have told my tenants to leave within 10 days”.

Another angry landowner who was also getting detained by the police says, “It is private land. We are giving it to the poor. Who is the government to evict them when we do not have a problem?”.

An activist, R. Karimullah from the rally named, ‘Movement for Justice’, ” There is undeniable documentary proof that they are Indians, but repeating this lie ensures that the entire community is blacklisted and their eviction is made easier”.

The DCP of that area, Abdul Ahad had this to say otherwise, “All the residents had valid residential and most of them are from North-Eastern states”. With the wrong notion of calling them ‘Illegal Migrants’ despite providing Indian Government Authorised Aadhaar Card, is an unfavourable move. Without a background check, resorting to a severe step is not recommended.


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