18 Year Old Girl Was Tied To A Tree And Thrashed For Five Hours: Bihar

In an offensive incident which took place in the State of Bihar, it managed to shook everyone for its mercilessness. A young adult girl of 18 years of age, who happens to be a Muslim girl was thrashed badly. She was so ‘Punished’ because she was in love with a boy, who happens to be of Hindu religion. The incident happened in the Nawada district of Bihar, and the thrashing was done in front of the whole village.

A more intimidating fact is that her parents were present there, who did not even say a word of caution nor stopped the others from beating her. They in turn boldly supported the act that they were putting their own girl through. The girl was continuously thrashed for five long straight hours.

Not one stepped forward in all that time to stop them from doing so. The unfortunate thing for her, she is the daughter of the father who is more concerned of the society than the safety of his daughter. Named, Mohammad Farid Ansari, whose daughter ‘Unnamed’ fell in love with a boy named, Rupesh Kumar.


This boy hails from a neighbouring village. They both were in love with each other, felt that it was the ultimate goal and planned on getting married by fleeing away. So, as they planned they did flee from the village together. The parents came to know about her absence and went on to search for her.

The couple were soon found together and she spilt the beans to them. The whole situation escalated too quickly with the parents opting for such punishment. The father of the girl was reported saying, “She was tied because she is a criminal. She wants to go with a man from another religion”. 

Is it not a crime by mercilessly beating a fellow human with an intention to cause bodily harm? It is a crime. The Police were immediately alerted and they did free the girl form them. She later gave a statement to them in that position as well. However, no one was arrested after the incident, but, a warning was given to the people involved.

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