Photos : Jiah Khan Suicide Letter Released by her Mother


Jiah Khan’s Mother Letter to Media

To all concerned,
Some sections of the media and some film industry people are speculating that my daughter Jiah committed suicide because of depression related to her career. However the truth is that it happened only because of the trauma and the abuse she suffered at the hands of Suraj Pancholi and his father Aditya Pancholi.
This I know from what Jiah shared with her sisters and me and also from this letter written by Jiah herself that I am attaching here with which was found three days later by my younger daughter in a wallet box belonging to Jiah when she was searching for some poems written by Jiah to be read out at her prayer meeting.
I have decided to make this letter public so that everyone may know the truth behind my daughter’s tragedy.
Rabiya Khan

Jiah Khan’s Letter

Page 1
I don’t know how to say this to you but I might as well now as I have nothing to lose. I’ve already lost everything. If you’re reading this I might have already left or about to leave. I am broken inside. You may not have known this but you affected me deeply to a point where I lost myself in loving you. Yet you tortured me everyday. These days I see no light I wake up not wanting to wake up. There was a time I saw my life with you, a future with you. But you shattered my dreams. I feel dead inside. I’ve never given so much of myself to someone or cared so much. You returned my love with cheating and lies. It didn’t matter how many gifts I gave you or how beautiful I looked for you. I was scared of getting pregnant but I gave myself completely
Page 2
the pain you have caused me everyday has destroyed every bit of me, destroyed my soul. I can’t eat or sleep or think or function. I am running away from everything. The career is not even worth it anymore. When I first met you I was driven, ambitious and disciplined. Then I fell for you, a love I thought would bring out the best in me. I don’t know why destiny brought us together. After all the pain, the rape, the abuse, the torture I have seen previously I didn’t deserve this. I didn’t see any love or commitment from you. I just became increasingly scared that you would hurt me mentally or physically. Your life was about partying and women. Mine was you and my work. If I stay here I will crave you and miss you.
Page 3
So I am kissing my 10-year career and dreams goodbye. I never told you but I received a message about you. About you cheating on me. I chose to ignore it, decided to trust you. You embarrassed me. I never went out, I never went with anyone else. I am a loyal person. I never met anyone with Karthik I just wanted you to feel how you make me feel constantly. No other woman will give you as much as I did or love you as much as I did. I can write that in my blood. Things were looking up for me here, but is it worth it when you constantly feel the pain of heartbreak when the person you love wants to abuse you or threatens o hit you or cheats on you telling other girls they are beautiful or throws you out of their house when you have
Page 4
no where to go and you’ve come to them out of love or when they lie to your face or they make you chase after them in their car. Or disrespects their family. You never even met my sister. I bought your sister presents. You tore my soul. I have no reason to breathe anymore. All I wanted was love. I did everything for you. I was working for us. But you were never my partner. My future is destroyed my happiness snatched away from me. I always wished the best for you, was ready to invest what little money I had in your betterment. You never appreciated my love, Kicked me in the face. I have no confidence or self esteem left, whatever talent whatever ambition you took it all away. You destroyed my life.
Page 5
It hurt me so much that I waited for you for ten days and you didn’t bother buying me something. The Goa trip was my birthday present but even after you cheated I still spent on you. I aborted our baby when it hurt me deeply. You destroyed my Christmas and my birthday dinner when I came back. When I tried my hardest to make your birthday special. You chose to be away from me on Valentines Day. You promised me once we made it to one year we would get engaged. All you want in life is partying, your women and your selfish motives. All I wanted was you and my happiness you took both away from me. I spent money on you selflessly
Page 6
you would throw in my face. When I would cry for you. I have nothing left in this world to live for after this. I wish you had loved me like I loved you. I dreamt of our future. I dreamt f our success. I leave this place with nothing but broken dreams and empty promises. All I want now is to go to sleep and never wake up again. I am nothing. I had everything. I felt so alone even while with you. You made me feel alone and vulnerable. I am so much more than this.


  1. Shibam Mohanty on

    Srry,to say to all of u..but there is nothing to be proud of..!!
    why exactly are u proud bcoz she didnt fight or bcoz she aborted her child or bcoz she commited suicide..!!
    yes we respect her contribution..!!
    but she should have stood strong and fought for what ws rightfully hers.>!!
    rather than killing herself..!!

    may your soul REST IN PEACE !

  2. Her letter says how much she loved him. He was her world. She knew nothing than him, but why boys are so ruthless that vast love they get and a girl does everything what a guy wishes still why they are not satisfied with the means. Still they fetch out for a fresh meal. Every meal has same taste at the end and same values. Respect love and the one who gives love and adores you. Insane people have no right to love.

  3. We all say that she should have fought back but we still dont know with what intensity of inner pain she would have gone through n no one expect the deceased can feel it.. God bless her soul…

  4. Shambhawi Mishra on

    Jiah khan, i wish dat u cud read my comment..girl, u wasted ur lyf…now u r in anoder i knw u r not resting in peace…shattered souls can't get peace easily…bolne ke liye kuch chora hi nahi…suicide is an irreversible regret fr u in ur afterlife…Wherevr u r, just pray to god..y u ended evrything, sb thik ho jata if u wud hav wanted…well ab bol ke kya fayda..RIP..;(

  5. Mysterious_Angel on

    Tis letter left me with tears in my eyes. It also reminds me of my past..! I had such painful experience too but i decided to fight back, forget my past and move on..! There are more than 6 billion people in the world to live for. Just one person's love shudn't have have decided your life Jiah. I know we get so much obsessed wen in love, but still you must have fought back Jiah atleast for your family, well wishers & friends..! Anywaz everything is over now, so all i can say is rest in peace Jiah..! Hope your wishes get fulfilled atleast in your next birth.!!!! And for all the guys out der, its totally fine if you cant love or put a smile on a gals face but atleast see to tat you are not you don't hurt her and be the reason for her death…!

  6. Mysterious_Angel on

    True it wud have hurt her like hell but still suicide was not a solution. According to me, if a person has the guts to commit suicide, he can conquer anything. Suicide requires you to be daring & brave. Its not as easy as it looks. Wen you are bold enough for it, why not live your life, instead of ending ????

  7. those who committ suicide ..they deserve to die coz they dont know wat is life. ..narrow mind limited to just one dick. …all she cared about ..was a dick .There r so many things in nature ..but killed heself for a dick.
    Also ther r many dicks ..who kill themselves for a pussy. I am nature lover ..n i feel happy wen som1 commit suicide as it saves a lot of natural resources, many hens (chicken), many things.

  8. definitly d pain of her no 1 cud undrstnd..v cnt sit here nd realise,hw c wud b fighting wid her sorrows…jiya y did u do such..if ur leter brought tears in my eyez nd skipd my heart beat 4 sm momnts….hw bitr wud b d truth..R.I.P dis wrld iz vry bad realy nd d ppls living r much mre …

  9. Please those think of suicide..!! they are weak person, the real life after that you leave whatever may be they problem try to solve not to do such thinks…………….

  10. Ashish Baboo on

    yes Sayma, u r ryt..but may i add something to u.. its that,,.. we ccant specify that boy is rude or girl is rude.. whenever someone loves snyone.. whoever he/she is.. the other person does same 2 her… its always happens…its a social mentality to hurt people who love u like hell….

  11. madhusmita naik on

    Jia Khan u were so beautiful 🙁 i wonder how tough it would hv been for u… RIP
    strict action should be taken against those morons

  12. I don't understand why she followed him like a stray dog, even when he abused, tortured, humiliated and exploited her. If you say it was all because of BIG love, I'll show my mid finger to you all, bcoz I'm not buying that shit. Her letter(if it is real) shows how despo and emo she was, like a 15 year old school girl. She was beautiful and talented, should have done better with her life.

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